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If you are planning a project that is linked to the objectives of the RCS, and are looking for sponsorship, please contact us and we may be able to help.

To see some examples of the projects we have sponsored, go to:
RCS Bath Worldwide
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RCS Bath Worldwide
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To apply for sponsorship, please complete the attached form, with a short synopsis of your plans, describing, in no more than 300 words, what you hope to give, and what you hope to gain, from your project.

Applications for sponsorship grants should be submitted at least eight weeks before the departure date
The simple criteria that we will consider when looking at your request are:
  1. Does your aim promote awareness of the Commonwealth?
  2. Is your proposed visit or project linked to the Commonwealth?
  3. Is your project sympathetic to the affirmations of the Commonwealth?
  4. Do you have links to Bath or its surrounding district?
See: The Commonwealth
See: The Affirmations
A Future in Progress
A History in Common,
Sponsorship Form (pdf)
Sponsorship Form (word)