An Australian Viewpoint - 2013
An appreciation of the role and future of the Commonwealth from an Australian viewpoint was provided by Brigadier Sowry CSC AM, Head of the Australian Defence Staff (London), in his talk to RCS Bath in December 2013.
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RCS Bath is collating a resource of papers, talks and other information which describe the role of the modern Commonwealth and can be accessed online.  

The purpose of the resource is to provide readily available educational material to support RCS Bath’s aims of promoting an understanding of the Commonwealth.

Purpose of the Commonwealth
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Charter of the Commonwealth
The Charter brings together the values and aspirations which unite the Commonwealth - democracy, human rights and the rule of law - in a single accessible document.
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A Future in Progress
A History in Common,
Affirmations of the Commonwealth - 2014
The Affirmations define the intrinsic values that the entire Commonwealth shares.  These were declared by the Commonwealth Secretary-General at the Commonwealth Day Observance at Westminster Abbey on 10th March 2014.
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Message from Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth - 2014
Her Majesty the Queen issued a message to all member's of the Commonwealth on Commonwealth Day 2014.
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Old Links and New Ties - 2013
A view of the purpose of the Commonwealth today, and Britain's role within the Commonwealth, was given by the Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford in his 2013 Lecture to RCS Bath.
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The Symbol and Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
The Commonwealth flag is flown at Marlborough House, London, the headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat, throughout the year and for a limited period at other venues where Commonwealth Meetings are held.
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Human Rights in the Commonwealth - 2014
An address on 'Human Rights in the Commonwealth' was to have been given by Baroness Warsi  at the 2014 RCS event on 'The Commonwealth and Human Rights'.  Baroness Warsi was unable to attend due to parliamentary buisness, but was kind enough to allow her speech to be published.
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Persuasion & Power in the Modern World - 2014
In March 2014, the Select Committee on Soft Power and the UK's Influence, chaired by the Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guilford, published its report 'Persuasion and Power in the Modern World'.
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The Slave Trade within Britian
Sam Hollingshead received sponsorship in 2014 to travel to Jamaica as part of a research project for his dissertation focusing on the Slave Trade within Bath.
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Commonwealth Games Talk 2016
Director of Sport at the University of Bath explained their sport facilities and involvement with the Commonwealth Games in 2014
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