'A Woman's Place in the Commonwealth'
A talk by:  Ladi  Dariya  - Director of Communications for the Madrinha Trust

25th June 2014 


A talk entitled 'A Woman's Place in the Commonwealth' was delivered at the BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath on 25th June, sponsored by RCS Bath.


The talk was given by Ladi Dariya, the Communications Director at the Madrinha Trust, a charity which supports youngsters throughout their educational lives, both financially and with mentoring.


Ladi's talk focused on her own experiences, starting with her childhood in Nigeria, where as one of a very poor family of 13 she sold bean cakes on the streets of Jos, to her high school education sponsored by the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund, and ultimately to her studying for a Masters Degree in Management. 


Click here to read an extract from Ladi's talk.

A Future in Progress
A History in Common,


    Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund   (CCLFE)


    The CCLFE sponsors the education of bright young girls from poor families in the

    Commonwealth, Ladi being one of the charity's great successes.


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A Woman's Place in the Commonwealth.  A Talk by Ladi Dariya
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