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28th March 2014 


In March 2014, the Select Committee on Soft Power and the UK's Influence, chaired by Lord Howell of Guilford, published its report 'Persuasion and Power in the Modern World'.   


The report highlights that the Commonwealth is an 'important venue in which member states can construct shared understandings on certain values and principles'. 


The Royal Commonwealth Society, who gave evidence to the Select Committee, highlighted the depth and history of the Commonwealth's civil society and business links, demonstrating how this distinguishes the Commonwealth from newer institutions such as the European Union and United Nations.

A Future in Progress
A History in Common,
Click here to download the report of the Select Committee
Click here to read the evidence given by the RCS to the Select Committee
Many of the sentiments in the Select Committee's report reiterated the the underlying message in Lord Howell's talk to RCS Bath in 2013; 'Old Links and New Ties'. 
Click here to read a transcript of Lord Howell's talk to RCS Bath