Prisca’s Story

My decision to join the Bath Community was long and well thought out. It began in 2018 with a single visit to Bath Spa University necessitated and sponsored under the Educational and Cultural Exchange Programme between Bath Spa University and Mufulira College of Education, Zambia. At that time, the world was, a totally different from what it is today.

Arriving in Bath and being welcomed by new faces, albeit virtually, did not diminish the excitement and warmth I felt from everybody. This has immensely exceeded my expectations and how well everyone has adjusted to the new norm which has ome with the onset of Covid-19.

The few weeks I have been in this city are probably the longest I have been away from home and yet I still feel like I am home away from home.

Although I did not immediately take up residence at Newton Park, my 14 days of self-isolation at Green Park House were nonetheless just as exciting as the new journey I was embarking on because it offered me an opportunity to reflect.

Now that I have completed quarantine and subsequently taken up permanent residence at Newton Park, I am even more inspired to work hard academically and also ensure that I establish healthy links with the Royal Commonwealth Society, Bath and District Branch and linkages with Scholars from other Universities.

As a new student enrolled to pursue my studies in Master of Arts Education (Leadership and Management), I feel that there can never be a better time(or circumstance) for upcoming and established leaders to demonstrate their leading role, and to spearhead initiatives that aim to serve mankind as the Covid-19 situation has presented. For me, this is yet another opportunity for leaders at all levels, be it in Education, in Politics, or other social spheres to inspire, and to be innovative in championing causes that aim to control and ultimately eradicate this pandemic.

I believe that despite the tough times we are all going through, our aspirations and dreams are still valid, and they will not be derailed by this ‘bump on the road’ because I believe human beings are the most resilient of all living creatures.