Harry and Nancy’s Sessions

The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) has integrated me into an incredibly diverse and interesting network of people. From the outset in February when I joined, I felt incredibly welcomed. It was humbling to have people listening and asking questions about my areas of interest and future aspirations. This instantly cultivated a passionate community togetherness, something a COVID stricken first year has been striving to achieve from a society.

Nancy and myself immediately connected over the topic of ‘Hydropolitics’, which I described as one of my study interests. When asked about my future aspirations, I mentioned that I wanted to be a journalist.

To my amazement, as I discovered more about Nancy’s experience at the BBC and in the Media more widely, the thought of being able to talk privately was an enthralling proposition.

Luckily, we have now spoken many times, and her knowledge and expertise continues to be invaluable to me. Not only have we had interesting discussions about the future of News and Journalism more broadly, but she has provided me with personable mentorship that I simply would not have benefitted from if it was not for the RCS.

From February to May, as I am writing this, we have had serval Zoom calls (something we are all too familiar with). Our discussions have gone in many directions, from News, my pace, pronunciation and presenting skills, plans for my Watt Matters Instagram and YouTube Channel, which is devoted to News and creating a portfolio of creative content. Nancy has willingly offered me countless suggestions and tips for going forward not only in life, but in making steps towards my dream career and succeeding at University. I thoroughly hope we stay in contact and continue to talk. I know we equally enjoy the sessions, having a different face to see to break up our weeks!

I would like to finally thank Gin Darcy at Bath Spa University (course leader for the Global Citizenship Certificate) in forwarding the opportunity to my cohort and myself, and finally Godfrey Hall for asking me to write this piece.