Cocktails All Round

A personal report from our branch secretary Alan and his wife Sally on their visit to the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022.

We knew it was going to be an enjoyable experience when we found that cocktails could be purchased at the famous Edgbaston Cricket ground as we settled in to watch the Commonwealth Games, England vs India match. The first time that women’s cricket had been part of the games this semi-final T20 match didn’t disappoint. The Indian openers hit the English bowling to all corners in the warm sunshine and the saffron white and green tricolours were still waving as the Indian team held their nerve to win a place in the final.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games brought together 72 nations and territories in a vibrant festival of sport and human performance. From the opening ceremony onwards participants and spectators were able to celebrate the diversity of the citizens of all corners of the Commonwealth embodying our values of equality, humanity and inclusivity. A number of the UK based athletes also trained at the Sports facilities based at the University of Bath.

Birmingham 2022 saw more medals awarded to female competitors than male and was the first games to have a fully integrated para-sports programme.

In the evening we headed to the boxing venue where we were treated to more fierce competition from female and male athletes determined to take home a medal. There was of course raucous cheering for the home athletes but perhaps the loudest support came from the Zambian contingent as they sang, danced and cheered their man to a victory and a shot at gold.

Local volunteers then wished us well and waved us off as we headed home having sampled at first hand the friendliest of games.

Next stop, Victoria, Australia!