The amazing washing machine project gets a further boost

On May 30th RCS members and friends joined together at the Bath and County Club for lunch followed by a fascinating presentation by the charismatic founder of The Washing Machine Project Nav Sawhney. At one time a student at the University of Bath Nav went on to work for Dyson before leaving and setting up The Washing Machine Project after spending some time in Southern India. The project involved the development of a hand powered washing machine which has been adopted through the world particularly in refugee camps and areas of severe deprivation. Nav’s story of the development of this this project and its value to vast numbers of people, who have no access to electricity and little water, was inspirational.

Together with a small team of experts Nav has made an amazing difference to the lives of a huge number of people and in particular empowered women all over the globe. Currently he is working with a major washing machine manufacturer on further developments.

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