Arthur Phillip First Governor of New South Wales

Arthur Phillip of Bennett Street, Bath, Admiral of the Blue, died in 1814.

Some 200 years later, on Commonwealth Day 2014, the values that unite the modern Commonwealth were reaffirmed in Bath and Westminster Abbeys.

At first sight, these two events seem unrelated, but closer examination shows a strong link; namely the founding of a colony in New South Wales, that was to lead, ultimately, to the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia, which is today a leading member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
Arthur Phillip was the First Governor of New South Wales and the founder of Modern Australia.

Monuments to Arthur Phillip already exist in Bath Abbey and St Nicholas’ Church, Bathhampton, where Arthur Phillip is buried.A number of events are taking place in 2013/14 to mark the bi-centenary of his death.

The book ‘Arthur Phillip – Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy, by Michael Pembroke was released in 2013.

Details of the book here.
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A tribute structure in  bronze and stone will be placed in the garden by the Assembly Rooms in Bath, sponsored by the Britain-Australia Society, to be unveiled on 12th July 2014.

More details of the Arthur Philip Memorial.

A memorial stone will be laid in the floor of the nave of Westminster Abbey, dedicated at a major service in July 2014.

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