‘Old Links and New Ties'

25th November 2013

The Royal Commonwealth Society - Lord Howell

The first biennial lecture to be organised by the RCS Bath was delivered at the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution on the 25th November 2013. The lecture, attended by over 70 people, was given by Rt. Hon. Lord Howell of Guildford, President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Chair of the Council of Commonwealth Societies and a former Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  The lecture, entitled ‘Old Links and New Ties’, concentrated on Britain’s future role in the Commonwealth.

Lord Howell emphasised four key issues:

  • Britain now has to re-position itself in the Network Age.
  • Britain is fortunately placed in the modern Commonwealth network, which numbers a third of humankind.
  • Instant digital connectivity has transformed the Commonwealth into an all-powerful network of peoples.
  • The Commonwealth now provides Britain with an ideal gateway to the great growth markets of tomorrow.

The full text of Lord Howell’s lecture can be found in the attachment.

The lecture was attended by students, lecturers, members of the RCS and other interested parties.  Guests at the event included the mayor, deputy mayor, deputy chair of BANES and Ken Pascoe the Consul General from the Australian High Commission.

It is intended to hold this event every two years in conjunction with the Bristol Commonwealth Society.

Old Links and New Ties