Uganda Sculpture Foundation

Kate Parsons – Sculptor

Her work focuses on an amalgamation of art and anthropology, which has stemmed from living and working in Kenya. This experience has been the main influence on her life and work, for art practice, research and lecturing. Her work is very much process led, reflecting themes of mortality through fragility, construction/ deconstruction.

Kate’s art practice centres on sculptural approaches, which includes three dimensional object making, digital media and images often now used in installation work. The context is essential to her working processes and materials, the work being very much linked to the ritual of process itself. The materials are often symbolic in concept or form, creating semiotic associations with the concepts and contexts she is working with.

In 2014 Sculpture Kate Parsons traveled to Uganda her aim was to make a survey of the social and religious material culture of the Bankonjo tribe, around the localities of the Ruwenzori Mountains and how it would eventually relate to sculptural form.